My Clients Plus

Therapist Software For People In Private Practice

Our cloud-based EHR/MER solution offers therapists in private practice a simple, cost-effective way to manage clients, billing and clinical documentation.

With 200 therapy note templates available from our library, you can select the ones that fit your practice and bookmark them for your account.

Highlighted features

  • Electronic billing of primary and secondary insurance
  • Out-of-network billing on behalf of clients
  • Automatic electronic remittance advice (ERA)
  • Accept credit cards from your clients
  • Track client and insurance payments
  • See all activity within a client account
  • CMS-1500 for primary/secondary insurance companies
  • Use pre-printed or system-generated CMS forms
  • Count the number of remaining sessions covered by insurance
  • Generate client invoices or insurance superbills
  • Check the status of electronic claims
  • Invoice as often as you like, even daily
  • See summary financial and session information by date range
  • Attach files to client records, like insurance cards and intake forms
  • See and reprint actual invoice images any time
  • Enter client EMR, session comments and collections notes
  • Support multiple office locations
  • Multi-user access to your account
  • Set user privileges for virtually any function
  • Create and manage your own To-Do list so that you don't forget important tasks
  • Monitor your practice statistics to keep track of revenue, number of sessions, type of session and other important metrics

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