My Clients Plus

Social Work Case Management Software For Professionals

Our cloud-based solution offers social works a simple, cost-effective way to manage cases and billing.

We have 200 therapy note templates, some of which are designed with the unique requirements of various states and state agencies. Frequent updates as notes requirements change. Sign notes electronically, as the clinician or as a supervisor.

  • Submit electronic claims directly or out-of-network billing on behalf of clients
  • Batch invoice your clients as often as you like with a single click
  • Generate insurance superbills
  • Accept credit cards
  • Custom tag clients to run reports for various groups of clients
  • CMS-1500 for primary/secondary insurance companies
  • Pre-printed or system-generated CMS forms
  • Count the number of remaining sessions covered by insurance
  • Generate client invoices or insurance superbills
  • Invoice as often as you like, even daily
  • See summary financial and session information by date range
  • Attach files to client records, like insurance cards and intake forms
  • Integrated To-Do list
  • Monitor your practice statistics to keep track of revenue, number of sessions, type of session and other important metrics

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