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A Helpful List of Resources to Find Free CEUs for Counselors

Mental health providers are on the search for free CEUs for Counselors. For therapists, psychologists, counselors, and other mental health providers, education does not stop after they get their degree. This field is always changing. Best practices are always being redefined. In order to stay up to date and offer their clients and patients the best possible care, they need to continue learning as long as they are providing services.

What are CE/CEUs?

CEU stands for Continuing Education Units, often shortened to just CE. CEUs for counselors are often required for them to stay current on all changes in the mental and behavioral health field. In order to offer the best and most appropriate care to their clients, continuing education is necessary.

Why are CE/CEUs for Counselors so Important?

The field and science of psychology and mental health is relatively recent in history. Due to this fact, best practices are always evolving at a rapid pace. What was an acceptable form of therapy 20 years ago might not be appropriate, ethical, or effective in today’s best practices. Due to the rapid development in the field, CEUs for counselors are vital to the knowledge and comprehension of all mental health providers on what will best help their clients.

Due to this fact, every state has requirements for CEUs for counselors and other mental health providers that must be followed in order for them to keep their licenses.

List of Free CEUs for Counselors:

Check with Your State:

In order for a counselor to practice in the state they reside in, they must have a license in that state. If a counselor wishes to practice in a different state, they would have to go through the licensing requirements for that state as well.

With every state having different licensing requirements, professionals should also start here when determining what CEUs for counselors they need to complete. Requirements differ from state to state, so even if you completed CEUs for one state license, you might need to complete others for a different state. Regardless, counselors should check with their state before signing up for any courses.

Here is a list of CEU requirements for counselors by state.

National Association for Social Workers

If you are a licensed social worker, you may be a counselor and in need of continuing education. For those registered with the NASW, their website can be a great place to find free and paid resources for CEUs for counselors.

According to the NASW website, they are “committed to helping social workers meet their professional development needs.” This has led them to create multiple programs and products for earning credentials, accessing education and training, reading newsletters, finding employment information, as well as other resources.  

The NASW also offers free CEUs as well as CEUs for counselors at a discounted rate to help them fill their licensing requirements.


Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals (C4Less) is another great resource for those looking for CEUs for counselors. This organization has been approved by the NBCC as an approved CE provider and aims to offer CEUs for counselors who need courses approved by the CA BBS and the FL CeBroker.

This website offers free ethics CE courses as well as an Unlimited Courses option for a yearly fee. With entirely online courses, CE4Less hopes to be a convenient and cost-effective source of CEUs for counselors.


The American Counseling Association highlights CEUs for counselors on their website under the Continuing Education section. Whether it’s for a license or certificate renewal, or professional development, they offer resources for all CEU needs.

They know how costly CEUs for counselors can sometimes be and try to simplify it by offering affordable CE courses online.


CE-credit’s mission is to help professionals by providing relevant and high-quality CEUs for counselors at an affordable price. They involve experts in the field in their course development process, keeping it free from biasing factors like affiliations, sponsorships, or financial support from others outside of their organization.

They pride themselves on their selection of course materials that focus on the interests and needs of the professionals that they serve.

National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC)

The National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) views CEUs for counselors as an integral part of professional practice. They offer credit verification to ensure that all of your CE activity has the proper documentation necessary for the process.

NBCC offers a variety of courses including college/university courses, Seminar/workshop/conference courses, home study CE, publication/presentations/new program development, dissertation courses, Supervision/consultation courses, Leadership courses, and more. They cover a large variety of content areas for every specialty and focus.

There exists a wealth of free and paid resources for professionals on the search for CEUs for counselors. Each one of these resources is a great place to start in your efforts to expand your education.

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