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How and When to Use the 99284 CPT Code

Mental and Behavioral Health Billing Expert

Mistakes in medical billing codes are one of the most common reasons that claims get denied by mental and behavioral health payers. The overall memorization and correct application of CPT codes is part of what makes insurance billing so complicated. The ability to use these codes in the correct context plays a part in how […]

How and When to Use the 90471 CPT Code

A hand on a laptop keyboard.

Providers need to be familiar with the 90471 CPT Codes. This Current Procedural Terminology code, as well as all other CPT codes, is an important part of getting reimbursed for the services you offer. In order to get paid by insurance providers, you must code your claims accurately each and every time. Clean claims are […]

How and When to Use the 99202 CPT Code

Behavioral Health Billing Specialist

One of the most difficult parts of mental health insurance billing is the memorization and correct application of CPT codes. Knowing when to use the right one and in what situation is how providers secure an approved claim and earn their reimbursement from each payer they work with. With so many different CPT codes, it […]

6 Mental Health CPT Codes Every Therapist Should Know

Mental and Behavioral Health Provider Managing Her Insurance Billing

Knowing which mental health CPT codes to use after rendering services is an important part of being a therapist in 2022. Every therapist is responsible for filing claims with their client’s insurance in order to get paid unless that therapist has decided not to accept insurance. Each claim that you submit has information that is […]

How and When to Use the 96372 CPT Code

Understanding how and when to use the 96372 CPT code can help you optimize your billing process. When it comes to mental and behavioral health billing, using codes to correctly bill for the services you deliver to your patients is a crucial component to getting paid on time. Every service has a corresponding billing code […]

How and When to Use the 99211 CPT Code

Knowing how and when to use the 99211 CPT code can help you boost your clean claims and timely reimbursements. When it comes to mental and behavioral health billing, understanding how to properly apply certain codes to the services you render is essential for maximizing your revenue. Through every patient visit, there are services rendered. […]

What is Gestalt Therapy and When is It Used?

Gestalt therapy was founded by Frederick (Fritz) and Laura Perls in the 1940s and is a technique centered on the phenomenological method of awareness. Put simply, gestalt therapy is a humanistic and person-centered type of psychotherapy that draws focus toward an individual’s present life where other forms of psychotherapy might try to dissect the past.  […]

CBT Techniques to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is, unfortunately, a very common experience for individuals all across the globe. What differs are the causes of that anxiety, what skills a person has to manage their anxiety, and what helps them overcome it. There are several types of anxiety disorders that clients may suffer from that leads them to seek help from […]

5 Depression Worksheet Resources for Therapists

Depression exists across all age groups and all populations. Also referred to as major depressive disorder, this condition is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness among a host of other symptoms. Individuals struggling with depression can find themselves battling restlessness, lack of interest, suicidal ideation, increase irritability, tiredness, cognitive disruptions, and so […]