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First Steps to Starting a Teletherapy Practice

Within a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed nearly every therapy practice into a telehealth provider. Therapists were forced to quickly adapt to this new way of seeing clients. The learning curve was steep and the change happened at

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Cognitive Processing Therapy 101 For Therapists

Cognitive processing therapy, or CPT, is a research-supported treatment used to help individuals with trauma histories. It emphasizes how negative or incorrect thoughts about past trauma can fuel powerful secondary emotions that keep clients trapped in a negative spiral. This

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10 Books Every Therapist Should Read

Books are one of the best ways to connect with practitioners, researchers, and others who have knowledge and insight to help you as you work with clients. We’re avid readers ourselves, and we’ve found several books to be especially beneficial.

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10 Creative Teen Therapy Activities

That the teenage years occupy a unique space in the stages of human development. These years are usually defined by exploration and risk, along with the struggle to solidify a sense of identity. If presented with a time machine, few

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Mental Health ICD-10 Cheat Sheet

As a therapist, you may find the billing and claims submission process cumbersome. And for good reason: billing is complex due to the requirements of insurance companies that want detailed justification for the services you’re providing. In addition to the

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5 Common Mistakes Made Using Mental Health CPT Codes

Billing for mental health services can be complex. You have to remember to include all applicable diagnoses codes, provide adequate documentation, and use accurate CPT codes for the mental health services you’re providing. There are rules and regulations surrounding documentation

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