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Top CPT Codes for Mental Health Billing

While precision in how you use CPT codes may not seem of utmost significance, in fact, using the correct CPT codes for the mental health services you provide is important for two major reasons. When your claims include the right

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A Guide to Group Therapy Notes

Group therapy offers a unique experience that can complement individual sessions or even stand alone. In group therapy, your clients can feel the support of others, work through issues with others in a safe environment, and gain important insights. And

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Exposure Hierarchy Treatment Plan

We all experience irrational fears. You may let out a muffled screech any time you see a creature with half-a-dozen legs or more or feel claustrophobic in a crowded room. These anxieties and fears are normal. But when they begin

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How to Write Group Therapy Notes

Working through your struggles supported by others with similar challenges can be powerful. The practice of giving and receiving help tends to bring out the best in us. After all, we’ve been working through challenges together in groups as a

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Tips for Writing Mental Health SOAP Notes

When it comes to writing mental health progress notes, there’s no shortage of formats to choose from. Although the alphabet soup of progress note acronyms is extensive, the SOAP framework is a standout. This user-friendly format helps you efficiently write

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