How and When to Use the 96372 CPT Code

Understanding how and when to use the 96372 CPT code can help you optimize your billing process. When it comes to mental and behavioral health billing, using codes to correctly bill for the services you deliver to your patients is a crucial component to getting paid on time. Every service has a corresponding billing code […]

How and When to Use the 99211 CPT Code

Knowing how and when to use the 99211 CPT code can help you boost your clean claims and timely reimbursements. When it comes to mental and behavioral health billing, understanding how to properly apply certain codes to the services you render is essential for maximizing your revenue. Through every patient visit, there are services rendered. […]

What is Gestalt Therapy and When is It Used?

Gestalt therapy was founded by Frederick (Fritz) and Laura Perls in the 1940s and is a technique centered on the phenomenological method of awareness. Put simply, gestalt therapy is a humanistic and person-centered type of psychotherapy that draws focus toward an individual’s present life where other forms of psychotherapy might try to dissect the past.  […]

CBT Techniques to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is, unfortunately, a very common experience for individuals all across the globe. What differs are the causes of that anxiety, what skills a person has to manage their anxiety, and what helps them overcome it. There are several types of anxiety disorders that clients may suffer from that leads them to seek help from […]

5 Depression Worksheet Resources for Therapists

Depression exists across all age groups and all populations. Also referred to as major depressive disorder, this condition is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness among a host of other symptoms. Individuals struggling with depression can find themselves battling restlessness, lack of interest, suicidal ideation, increase irritability, tiredness, cognitive disruptions, and so […]

What is Concierge Therapy?

Concierge therapy or counseling involves mental health services intentionally offered on a small scale. This type of therapy centers on individualized, client-centered, approaches to mental healthcare. This type of therapy is not, in itself, an evidence-based practice. Therapists still use science-based methods of treatment but how it is administered is how concierge therapy differs from […]

Tactful Therapeutic Office Decoration Ideas

Office decoration is vital to the therapeutic process. The environment that you create in your office has a much larger impact on your clients than you might realize. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of tactful office design and ideas for how to create the right therapeutic atmosphere. The Value of Office Design […]

Concluding a Therapeutic Relationship: 5 Useful Termination Techniques

Concluding a therapeutic relationship is a complex process that requires care and attention on behalf of the provider. Every client is different, but every relationship goes through a cycle. That cycle starts with an introduction, explores the therapeutic process, and ultimately comes to an end. There is no time limit on how long any certain […]

How to Use Minimal Encouragers as a Therapist

If you are a mental health provider then you may be familiar with the phrase “minimal encouragers.” An important component of a therapist’s listening skillset, minimal encouragers help providers show their patients they are attentive during a session. What are Minimal Encouragers? Minimal encouragers are small responses that let your client know that you are […]