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Mental Health Practice Finds Insurance Billing Success By Partnering with My Clients Plus

Created in 2006, My Clients Plus now offers a wide range of tools and services designed to help mental health providers offer the best care to their clients. Today, thousands have trusted My Clients Plus to help them accomplish a variety of goals like increasing productivity, improving their revenue cycle, and helping them return important time back to themselves and their clients.

My Clients Plus recently interviewed a provider by the name of Caitlin Robertson, a sole practitioner that made the decision to partner with My Clients Plus back in 2018. Robertson has been practicing independently for the last three years and services anywhere from 24-35 clients per week. Initially, Robertson only utilized the My Clients Plus billing software and eventually began to utilize the Managed Billing services as well. By employing the My Clients Plus Managed Billing service, Robertson has experienced a dramatic increase in revenue while saving herself from the time and headaches associated with mental health insurance billing. 

What Led Robertson to Start Searching for a New Biller?

Robertson began her search for mental health billing software at the beginning of their transition into private practice. Early on, she faced challenges surrounding her claims process that needed to be addressed.

Needing to get her claims under control, the independent biller she was using at the time suggested that she [Robertson] onboard with the My Clients Plus mental health billing solutions.

After implementing the software into her billing workflow, Robertson was not yet out of the woods when it came to rectifying her billing troubles. While the software offered great services and features, she did not have the right biller on staff to help optimize her bottom line. She realized that she needed more hands-on billing assistance in the form of a high-quality mental health billing service partner. 

Robertson stated, “The biller I was using worked with larger practices and I was a low priority. We parted ways at the end of 2020 after finding out that she [her previous biller] was doing awful things, […] she was passing filing limits and not billing things that she said that she had.”

When asked what challenges specifically led her to seek out Managed Billing with My Clients Plus, Robertson stated she “was having difficulty with claims not going through and needed someone to follow up more quickly than what [she] had been getting.”

As many providers are aware, filing claims on time is critical to receiving on-time payments. Timely payments are essential for solo practitioners who depend on that revenue. After such a poor experience with her previous biller, and with an urgent need to improve her claim process, Robertson made the decision to search for a new mental health billing services partner.

The Billing Service Decision-Making Process

With so many mental health billing service options available on the market, Robertson had to do some research in order to find the right one. She began her search by asking around the community for names of independent billers that might be of help to her. Although an independent biller was still an option, Robertson was wary because her last experience with a single-entity biller had left a poor taste in her mouth.

When we asked Robertson why she ultimately decided against working with an independent biller, they stated that after shopping around she “got the same feeling that there was not a lot of accountability.”

What Ultimately Led Robertson to Choose My Clients Plus Over the Competition?

Once she decided she did not want to use an independent biller, her search began to narrow down. When asked why she chose My Clients Plus over other mental health billing services available, she stated, “someone recommended a larger company to me that just did not have good reviews. I was already using the [My Clients Plus] software, so it just made sense.”

While other mental health providers might have to do more research when deciding what billing service to use, Robertson already had a pleasant experience using the My Clients Plus billing software. With that knowledge, the choice to go with My Clients Plus as a billing service was simple.

What Results Did Robertson Experience with My Clients Plus Managed Billing?

Robertson listed and described several positive results that have benefited her since onboarding MCP’s managed billing services.

1)     Claim Follow up

With so much difficulty getting her claims to go through in the past, on top of the mess caused by the previous biller, Robertson needed someone to tidy up her account ledgers and billing cycle. When asked what features or benefits stood out to her the most in partnering with the My Clients Plus Managed Billing team, she answered, “Claim follow up has been really huge and has increased revenue!” Not only this, Robertson mentioned that she has also been able to recover lost revenue with My Clients Plus.

Robertson went on to say, “I started with My Clients Plus at the beginning of the year. Heather Morrison was the lead biller on my account. She refiled everything that had been rejected in the previous months before I partnered with My Clients Plus and […] I really appreciated that.”

My Clients Plus takes pride in detailed attention to each Managed Billing client’s revenue cycle. Not only does the Managed Billing service help improve reimbursements on future claims, but expert billers will work through past missed opportunities to generate the maximum amount of reimbursement on previously rejected insurance claims.

With the help of My Clients Plus, Robertson stated that “from January to now [August], I have already made the same amount as all of last year. I am projected to increase revenue by 20 to 30 thousand [dollars]” in a year-over-year comparison. 

2)     Less Administrative Burden

Robertson had an extremely difficult time getting the attention of her previous biller. Her account needed tending to, yet she would always feel less important than the bigger accounts that were prioritized above her by her biller. This resulted in the overuse of her own time to make sure her billing was being handled the right way. With clients to care for, mental health providers should never be put in this position.

Since her transition to Managed Billing services with My Clients Plus, her experience has improved drastically. With her billing team taking a hands-on approach to optimize her revenue, Robertson no longer has to take on the bulk of the work herself.  

“Administrative burden has lightened,” Robertson stated, “and it is a lot less following up that I have to do. It has been seamless.”


3)     More Flexibility

With more help from her dedicated billing team, Robertson has been able to access more flexibility in her schedule. She stated, “It feels amazing especially because I have been able to see a few less people every week,” referring to the responsibility she feels toward her client load. With less pressure to get the revenue she needs to sustain herself and her practice, she is able to lighten her client load while still earning more revenue than in previous years.

This makes it possible for her to dedicate more time and attention to the clients she does have without having to worry about her bottom line.

What Would Robertson Tell Others Who Are Considering a Billing Partnership with My Clients Plus?

When asked whether or not she would recommend My Clients Plus Managed Billing to her peers in the industry, Robertson replied by saying, “Yes, and I have!”

She continued with a word for others who are on their search for billing solutions: “I have had a very positive experience thus far. I think having your EMR and your billing department together streamlines the process when it’s the same company doing it all. It simplifies a lot of things because you know exactly where your money is going, everyone is able to see everything, everything is very clear to see and understand, and the whole process is just so much easier.”

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