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My Clients Plus Reviews and Customer Testimonials

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"Been using this service for almost 10 years. The program is great and customer service is amazing!"

“I don’t usually write reviews for most products, but their customer service is so helpful and friendly, every time I call, they should offer a clinic to other businesses, and especially to insurance companies, how to treat customers. I am a psychologist who sees between 8-10 patients per day, and it takes me less than a minute to submit my claims at the end of each day.”

"Lifesaver! I have been using My Clients Plus since the early years."

“Very easy to use. Great customer service. Very economical. I may be able to retire a year early from the savings!”

– Lori G.
"Lifesaver! I have been using My Clients Plus since the early years."

“Very easy to use. Great customer service. Very economical. I may be able to retire a year early from the savings!”

– Lori G.
"This is far superior to the govt website. Great menus and superior customer service."

“Menus are great once you learn how to navigate them. Response time after submission is a real plus – 2 weeks vs. 6 wks with federal forms. Submission mistakes are quickly returned. Customer Service is knowledgeable about interpretation of error messages and has routinely provided resolutions to errors allowing successful re-submissions. The Customer Service staff are by far the best I’ve experienced in my 40 of work experience. This staff is extremely knowledgeable and personable. They take all the time required to resolve the issue with knowledge, warmth and personality. I’ve not experienced anything like this team. They are the prototype for successful customer service.”

– Bill H.

"I've been using this program for several years and absolutely love it!"

“I love the ease of use, particularly since they started rolling out the upgraded version. I appreciate that I can bill electronically with the click of one button after I’ve entered my sessions….couldn’t be easier than that. Their customer service is always personable, courteous and right on point. I haven’t had to reach out for customer support too often because I rarely have any problems or issues with the software. But when I do, I get a prompt response and the matter is always resolved immediately. Highly recommend to any clinician in need of an online practice management system! Great value for the money invested in this product.”

– Dawn S.

"Easy to use, very affordable, perfect for a solo or small practice."

“It is very easy to use especially the billing portion which seems to be set up with a therapist in mind and not an accountant or billing specialist. One click on the EOB and everything is filled in on the claim for the insurance portion. If needing a secondary filing, that is just one click also. I like the color coding for different types of appts. and a To Do list. The layout has been recently updated and looks nice and easy to navigate”

– Kim C.

"There are so many benefits to using this product and the customer support is outstanding!"

“The ease entering new client information through the process of entering sessions and filing electronically is a seamless process. I started using this system since 2007 and MCP is always on top of industry standards and continuously improving features with no price increase. I refuse to pay a biller when I can electronically file primary and secondary claims for all the insurance companies all in one place. Isn’t that amazing!! You can easily see whether your claims have processed correctly so that you can correct any errors you have made. I no longer file paper claims and the electronic filing process serves as proof of a claim being submitted so I am assured that the insurance companies will acknowledge and pay. An added feature which I love is the ability to use charge card payments with each session by using the pay now option . I can’t believe how much this system makes my life so much easier to track all aspects of my business….love it!”

– Claire L.

"Clean, New Features, User Friendly, Reasonably Priced"

“Sending and processing claims is very easy. Note taking is easy to do as well and it has many different templates to choose from. Printing and sending invoices and using it for reports is also easy to do. Can also offer clients to use their credit cards with this software.”

– Pascual C.

"I had no idea how much I would love My Clients Plus."

“It has been the easiest and most efficient billing system that I have ever used and I have been doing my own billing for 25 years.”

-Mary D.

"Best online billing system!"

“I’ve been a user since 2013. This system manages my practice, insurance companies, billing and copays so easily! I would recommend it to any Counseling agency looking for a complete practice management system!”

– M Heyman

"I am a happy camper!"

“Simple and easy to use. Also, when I make a mistake it tells me and I can’t move forward until I fix it. GREAT customer service!!”

– Andy T

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