Your Guide to Creating and Managing a Successful Practice

Childhood can impact how clients learn to respond to relationships and life stressors later in life. Here are five proven techniques for treating attachment trauma.

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In this guide, we share tips to help you write better group therapy notes and the five essentials most payers require for reimbursement.

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An affordable EMR can help you make your mental health practice more efficient, resulting in a higher claims acceptance rate and improved client satisfaction.

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How do you make sure the people in your area are always thinking about you? You want to know that whenever anyone near you needs mental health services, they think about you and call you first. Keep Reading 





Creating effective notes for your therapy sessions doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Many clinicians have found that using DAP notes is the best way to take notes is a quick, useful, and effective manner. Of course, before using DAP notes you’ll need to understand the basics behind them and get a few tips for how you can use the technique for your notes. Keep Reading 

If you’ve ever wondered what a clinician’s secret is to managing their business and their clients, the likely answer is the practice management software they use every day. What is practice management software?Keep Reading 

If you want to learn and grow as a therapist but don't have time, this list of therapy podcasts for therapists is for you. Pick your favorite today. Keep Reading

What is secondary insurance and how are secondary claims billed? Learn all about how to handle billing secondary payers.
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What private practice billing services are available for mental health providers, and which one is best? Read on to learn about your insurance billing service options. 
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